Would You Trust CBD Products? — September 10, 2018

Would You Trust CBD Products?

The cannabis market has developed in such a fast way it’s no wonder why we can find all sorts of CBD products, such oils, tinctures, pills, gel capsules, and even gummies. Yes, you read it correctly: gummies. Does this sound a little weird to you? Well, it should not because it seems that the online platform is quite amazed by this product, at least this is what some feedbacks on this matter show.

One particular product that has caught a significant rate of interest these days is Awesome CBD gummy, a product which seems to be easy to handle, easy to take and easy to keep. The gummies are packed in a little cardboard box like mint gums are. However, would you spend your money on this thinking that you could get your CBD intake that your body needs?


CBD with a little flavor


This product, like many others being available on the present cannabis market, brings forward a whole other tasting experience, because you get the chance to provide the necessary CBD rate for your system, with a pinch of flavor in it. This particular product we mentioned earlier comes with a peach flavor, and the manufacturers say that this has nothing to do with any artificial additives or other such doubtful ingredients.

cbd cannbis leaf

But how could one tell if such products are ok to be administered to the body because no flavoring adding process is nowhere near as being all natural and safe? This means that you cannot get positive benefits out of a flavored adding product, right? This is even more intriguing because we are talking about CBD, a healthy and health aiding marijuana compound, praised all over the world as being the revolutionary alternative for traditional prescribed drugs. Why dirt such a pure and natural health ally with a peach flavor?

Indeed, not everybody can cope with the taste, but eventually, after several servings, you can get used to it. I mean, if you genuinely wish to provide for your body a natural and safe substance, you could very well get over the taste, which is not that bad, in the end. Bringing forward the flavor factor is quite the marketing strategy, and this is something to make you think about whenever you are considering such CBD gums as a form of getting your nonpsychoactive compound intake.


Does chewing CBD can work for you?


cbd cherry chemistryWell, opinions are quite varied in this respect because you can find a whole range of feedbacks regarding CBD gums. Some people believe that it is the best alternative of administering CBD to the body, especially considering all the flavors that some brands offer. On the other hand, some clients are blaming manufacturers because the process through which gum is made has nothing to do with a healthy activity in which the body can take part.

Some studies show that while you chew gum, hence a CBD gum, you get to inhale excessive air amounts which can lead to abdominal pains and bloating. When you buy your CBD gums, you are planning to take them daily, as to get the best there is out of CBD, right? Daily chewing gum can also exploit your maxillary, and in time, through over solicitation in digestion, you can get teeth pains, headaches, and even ear ones. So, as one can easily observe, there are some aspects to be beard in mind when you are considering trying CBD gums.


What to expect from a CBD gum product?


Well, it does sound quite tempting to get your CBD intake from just chewing gum, right? Moreover, if it comes with a sweet peach flavor, you are a winner! But is it safe to daily chew and chew such gum?

Manufacturers of Awesome CBD gummy claim that you will notice the effects depending on how your body works, with its metabolism and

cbd cream

overall functioning processes taking place within your body. Therefore, it seems that there is not a standard time to say when you will get to feel the benefits. You chew your gum, and then you throw it when the fruity flavor is no longer intense, right? You cannot chew the same gum for a whole day, right?

So when do the effects show up? Well, we cannot tell and neither the manufacturers of the product we mentioned in the previous lines, but one thing is sure: once the effects kick in, depending on how you function and on how many gums you chewed, you will get to experience them for a period lasting between 2 and 8 hours.


How many gums are enough?


Because no standard amount is recommended by any scientific study carried out up until this moment, we would never say that it is up to you to decide how much you need. This is something that only a specialist can guide through, as your body has its specific way of functioning and so you need a specific amount of CBD. The majority of such products, like Awesome CBD gummy, are not FDA approved so this means that no dosage recommendation is valid coming from their manufacturers.

In fact, CBD gums should be seen only as a form of administering this non-psychoactive substance to your body, taking the whole range of risks and effects that this decision might bring along in time. It does indeed sound quite simple to chew gum and get your CBD intake, but always think of your whole health state, not only focusing on getting the substance into your system. It is essential to choose the best method of giving your body CBD, according to your needs and specific functioning activity of your whole body.

Health Benefits of Probiotics and Why You Should Never Omit — September 7, 2018

Health Benefits of Probiotics and Why You Should Never Omit

Probiotics are a live microorganism, known as good or helpful bacteria, which are found naturally in our body and helps us to have a healthy gut, healthy digestive system, and a stronger immune system. If we lose these probiotics from the body, we put our health at risk, and we need to find a way to replace them, with probiotic supplements or through the food we consume.

Probiotics have a significant influence on many functions in our body; in other words, the specialist discovered that they affect our weight, our energy and nutrition, and even our brain. Nonetheless, their effect extends so far that they can influence your genes, being in this way responsible for your overall health.


One of the essential fact about probiotics is that they are in the first place, necessary for you if you want to have a healthy gut because they influence the natural flora from it. More specific, they ally with your immune system to get their job done.

Regarding weight management, there is evidence that probiotics offer a certain level of protection, helping you to not gain unwanted weight. Probably you are unfamiliar with the fact that obese people’s gut microbes are different from the ones found in lean individuals, who have a more diverse amount of healthy bacteria in their gut. Furthermore, your body needs help to absorb undigested starches, fibers or sugar, as well as digesting and assimilating vitamins and minerals, all these can be achieved with the help of probiotics.

Moreover, probiotics can help you to prevent or treat, if that is the case, diarrhea, which appears as a side effect of you taking antibiotics, well known for being enemies of probiotics.

Regarding mental health, many studies speak about a crucial link between your gut and your psychological health and your mood. Therefore, it has been discovered that probiotics improve the overall mental health, and symptoms of a psychological disorder, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and memory.

Finally, probiotics are also useful in treating allergies, eczema, some digestive issues; they support and give a boost to your immune system, they keep your heart healthy, they help you to keep your levels of cholesterol within reasonable limits.

Final Thoughts

Although might seem hard to believe that there is such a thing as good bacteria, they are real, and they are called probiotics. Their benefits are numerous, and they extend your overall health, both physical and psychological. Probiotics are found naturally in our body, but over the years and after taking certain types of medication or antibiotics, we need to find a way to replace them. This can be done with the help of probiotic supplements or with a rich probiotic diet.


Stop the Pain with Marijuana — April 10, 2018

Stop the Pain with Marijuana

Living with chronic pain is something one should not wish not even to his worst enemies. It is simply horrible to wake up every morning with the feeling that someone has basically beaten you. You do not get to rest well, you feel that it is too much effort just to even walk, not to mention to play with your kids or do certain activities around the house which require some physical effort from your part.

So you tried all sorts of analgesics and medication which the majority of doctors prescribe in such situations, but nothing seems to work, or they do work, but only for a short period of time. You need something that can relieve your pain on a long-term, without bringing along any of the side effects that traditional prescribed drugs do. Have you ever thought that cannabis might be the solution for you? I bet you already heard about the variety of medical usages that this plant has because it kind of is the center of numerous debates in the past few years.

Choosing the best plant for your pain relief

If you are considering giving this option a try, you need to know some things before you start any therapy with it. First thing’s first: medical cannabis is a quite new concept within the medical field and this is proven somehow by the fact that, even though we have at our disposal so many scientific proofs that it is something to consider towards achieving medical recovery, there is still a significant number of people who are simply not aware of this, or who just judge it as being a highly dangerous drug.


This is not something to blame, though, because even this cannabis market has somehow exploded and croppers have started to make a real business out of it. So the multitude of available strains and their various amounts of compounds can become quite confusing for those who are only at the beginning of this marijuana journey.

It is difficult to say which strain is best for each individual and this leads to a sort of experimentation period before finding the right plant for your health issue. When speaking of working on chronic pain, which seems to be a major issue that many people are dealing with these days, specialists state that we need to choose the right plant because certain buds may be more effective than others. So how do you do this?

Cannabinoids’ rate is the main criteria

The decision-making process on what cannabis strain is best for solving your health issue, chronic pain that is, can become difficult and complex, especially if you are a newbie in this whole medical marijuana field. So you need to learn some stuff before you choose the right plant for you.

Every cannabis strain is filled with over 100 cannabinoids, the chemical substances which are the ingredients making up this “recipe” of natural and safe medication. Two of the most important cannabinoids were the center of many debates regarding the health benefits of this plant, and the main dilemma had to do with the fact that it is mandatory to figure out which of these two is best for relieving chronic pain.

We are talking about THC and CBD, these cannabinoids which are believed to have exactly what it takes to somehow revolutionize the medical field. Trying to figure out which one of them is best effective for helping you get rid of those very unpleasant pains makes no sense at all, and the essential idea is that both can greatly help with solving this health issue. However, the difference stands in the fact that each such cannabinoid can have various effects on your nervous system, depending on the concentration you administer to your body.

Both cannabinoids work together

It is not correct to assume that you need one particular strain which consists only of one single such cannabinoid. The thing is that both work together, as a real team and that is why you can’t have one without the other. This means that you will always find a THC amount, even though the strain is known for its high CBD amount.

So how are these two different? Well, one of them, THC that is, is the one responsible for getting you high, as it profoundly affects the brain and all systems functioning towards it. On the other hand, cannabidiol, CBD that is, is the opposite, although it will also impact the brain, will not bring along any of the symptoms you get with the previous one mentioned.

So how come the two can work together because they seem to have kind of opposite effects? Well, scientific studies have revealed that CBD can inhibit somehow the effects that THC provides and also that the synergetic working process of both can enhance the overall pain relief feature of the cannabis plant. Therefore, it is a matter of choosing that one particular cannabis strain which can best solve your chronic pain issue, but how do you know which is best: THC or CBD?

What to choose?

The answer is easy, and everybody should be able to make the best decision. So turn to a strain that consists of high rates of both cannabinoids because experts claim that such a combination is the key solution for all existing chronic pains.

However, patients who have already experienced several concentrations of either THC or CBD, have given the thumbs up for the first cannabinoid, but I firmly believe that it is a matter of specificity. Each react differently and so don’t make a decision based only on what you hear. Try them and then choose!

All in all, one thing is sure: while both cannabinoids can significantly work on your pain issues, it seems that being a non-psychoactive substance, CBD is preferred for reducing the “high” effects that THC provides.

Medical Marijuana for Grandparents – Best Practices — March 30, 2018

Medical Marijuana for Grandparents – Best Practices

We all love our grandparents even though there are moments when we cannot fully understand how they are functioning. They might say some weird things which we cannot cope with, they even might do some awkward things, but it is all about the fact that once the body gets old, some gestures or functions, better said, cannot be controlled appropriately like in the young ages.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to care for them and show them how they can live a peaceful and calming old phase of life. So have you ever thought about introducing marijuana to your grandpa and grandma? There are so many scientific proofs that this herb can indeed bring numerous health benefits for them that it would be a total shame and waste of something beneficial to not let them know about.

In the past few years, there has been a total foolish controversy surrounding this subject of marijuana, like it is a dangerous drug which can damage good one’s health. Nothing more false than this and this is not just an ordinary statement coming from the opposition, it is a real fact, proven through numerous scientific studies carried out by well-intended researchers. Their whole work should undoubtedly receive some sort of prize because this plant is a real miracle that nature has offered us.

No matter the age, cannabis has something for every one of us. The whole range of health benefits should be acknowledged by everybody so that we could, somehow, end this pharmaceutical manipulation that has been going on for decades. It is no wonder how their marketing scams work, as old people are the perfect target for easy manipulation. It is not fair to make them spend vast amounts of money on prescribed drugs for all sorts of health issues, like pains and dizziness. Marijuana can represent a perfect alternative to all these medications.

Medical cannabis is what they need

Over the history, marijuana has gone through numerous ups and downs regarding its popularity, either talking from a negative or positive perspective. No matter how you put it, cannabis is known by many people as a drug, even though we claim to live in such developing times. The spreading of information has started to be so influenced by those individuals who proclaim themselves to be our leaders, that all the good stuff that this herb can provide for the human body have been hidden from the population’s eyes.


When talking about our elderly fellowmen, we need to fully understand that marijuana can significantly work for them, but only if used wisely. Its administration has to always depend on the general health state, which becomes quite fragile in that phase of life. We all have witnessed how life becomes at old ages: the body does not have anymore the capacity to move like it used to, the brain enters a sort of slow-motion functioning process and so on and so forth.

By providing them with certain amounts of cannabis, either high in CBD or high in THC, the effects can truly be amazing. For instance, did you know that high CBD cannabis strains can successfully replace prescribed drugs used for chronic pain relief? Well, yes, this type of herb can work as a genuine analgesic by helping you to better manage the pain. Of course, the rate an elderly person would receive should depend on the way blood pressure occurs within their system, as it is a well-known fact that certain cannabis amounts can influence this factor.

Do not worry about addiction

Marijuana will never become addictive, as up until this moment there has not been brought to the public’s eye any case of an addiction involving this plant. Therefore, you do not have to worry that you might be doing something wrong if you decide to give your grandma some cannabis. Moreover, you will definitely do her good, as the cannabis plant, through its cannabinoids, can remarkably support a healthy and balanced functioning system, even in the old ages.

For example, it is very frequent to run into joint issues at a certain old age and this is nothing to worry about because it is considered to be normal. The body ages and also the bones get to be impacted by this degenerative process which is brought along with age. Several studies have revealed how great marijuana’s compounds can work towards relieving such pains.

Moreover, if you feel that your grandma, for instance, is a little skeptical in giving this herb a try, you can ask her to continue taking the prescribed meds along with certain amounts of cannabis. This can really be a successful combination, as researchers have gathered important and relevant information which reveal that this plant’s compounds have the capacity of enhancing such medications’ effects. This will eventually lead to decreasing the rate od prescribed drugs that she will take, as marijuana will get to do the job on its own, relieving pain that is.

No high effects for your grandparents

One of the strongest concerns of old people when it comes to using cannabis is related to the high effect they might feel. Try to explain to them that there are certain types of plants which carry high CBD amounts, this being the non psycho active compound of marijuana. This means that by administering to the body such herbs, they will not feel any of the stoned or high effects this plant is usually related to.

Just be honest with them and tell them about all the strains of cannabis existing on the market. Tell them that marijuana can satisfy the needs of several categories of people and that for them, as old people, those high in CBD can represent the best option for supporting a healthy functioning of their body.