Are Cannabinoids number one remedy?


“Phoenix Tears”, having their headquarters in Colorado, is a foundation which brings together experts dealing with cannabinoids research. One of their main goals is to somehow figure out standardized treatments for certain patients struggling with various types of cancer. Along with this foundation stands the NGO “Patient out of time”, which comprises doctors and patients who have been trying for several years now to promote cannabis’ usage in medical therapies, so that all diseased individuals can have complete access to cannabinoids’ treatments.

Their struggle of proving people that these chemical substances, which nature puts to our disposal, are effective for the human body’s health, is constant and they are permanently bringing forward tons of real cases involving patients who have successfully treated themselves with the help of CBD oil.


The truth can no longer be hidden


In the beginnings, CBD oil has been processed as an alternative to traditional smoking and it was thought to represent a safe and healthy method of consuming cannabis, medically speaking. Some people were already using it so that, at some point, people were able to notice the great potential that this oil has for restoring our body’s balance.

A great example is the story of Rick Simpson, who was diagnosed with skin cancer back in 2002. After he turned to surgical treatments, he decided to give this oil a try due to the several studies he was aware of, which praised cannabis oil as having what it takes to basically destroy cancerous cells. The whole idea on which he based his decision of also trying this treatment had to do with the fact that researchers proved through the studies they carried out that THC, the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, represents a revolutionary cancerous cells’ enemy. Rick Simpson was basically blown away by the results he got, considering the fact that his skin cancer was treated in just 4 days.

Unfortunately, the medical field was not very impressed with his experience because doctors who were contacted by Rick in order to make his discovery known simply rejected this whole cannabis treatment idea. One would think that every single doctor living on this planet would want to be aware of a cure for cancer, but it seems that things did not go as planned by Rick. The whole mechanism that the medical field applies is quite simple to be understood by anybody: cannabis oil is really forthcoming and this would lead to less medical consultations and so many medical clinics would simply burst-up.



Cannabis oil can cure many types of health disorders


cbd-vaping-penFor more than six years, Rick Simpson got to be known as “a miracle healer” because during this whole period of time he offered free amounts of this oil for those people who really needed it. Unfortunately, some “very well-intentioned” individuals announced the Canada police and so his plants were seized. Therefore he decided to continue making this plant more popular because all the studies which he lay his hands on were like real “gold” and more people deserve to know about this substance health benefits, many times he stated.

The thing is that after witnessing several successful cannabis treatments, Rick was able to notice how this plant can indeed work on various types of diseases. So, a lot of improvement was actually noticed in diabetes, various cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis, disturbances in the immune system, various types of pain, mental disorders and many more. In fact, at some point, he was wondering if there are any diseases which cannot be treated with cannabis oil.

This man has been many times praised as that one particular individual who should be seen as an example of normality in such health-related cases. In comparison with other “impostors”, Rick has never based his activity towards making money. Actually, he lost huge amounts of money during the period when he offered free amounts of CBD oil to patients in need of it and so it would not be fair at all to blame him in some way or another.

His main goal, along with other foundations that have clung to his idea, is to let people know more about this plant and all the health benefits that it can bring along. The world needs to open their eyes and actually understand that nature has given us a remarkable plant which can be processed in many ways so that cheaper and more effective treatments can be carried out, no risks included.


Summing it all up


The main idea to be beard in mind is that more and more people need to have at their disposal all the information regarding how their health can indeed benefit from all this plant’s properties. We need to not let certain political interests stop us from healing our bodies without any of the expensive and, many times, not efficient, traditional treatments.

The medical field should constantly develop and so doctors should be the ones to permanently let their patients know about other curing alternatives, especially when the traditional ones seem to not work at all. It is all about helping people in need and when severe diseases are involved, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or even diabetes, there is no need to waste any more time in nurturing certain personal interests.

The human body can be greatly healed with the help of this plant and if you do not live in an area where authorities allow this information to be spread, you need to study on your own and so give the cannabis oil, hence CBD oil, the chance to help you restore your functioning system’s balance.

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