CBD Liquid vs Tincture – Know What’s Best For You


mario-dub-cbdMany times people felt confused on what would be the best way of administering CBD to your body. Specialists do not have a standard answer to this question, as each human body is bound to react differently to certain oils, tinctures, or vaping liquids. The general idea is that you need to fully be aware of the fact that there are some differences in how this chemical substance will influence your system’s activity. Therefore, depending on what your general health state is and what are your specific needs, you can choose either ingesting or vaping your CBD.

However, no matter what method you would turn to, there were some voices who stated that there is not much of a difference between those vaping liquids you use with your vaping pens and those CBD tinctures, as both seem to have kind of the same consistency and of course, some significant CBD amount in them. But is this true? Could you ingest a CBD vaping liquid, hoping to get the same effects as when you take your tincture?


The ingredients are the answer


Anybody with a little sense in their head would easily figure out that all this is resumed to the ingredients’ list. Even though both, the e-liquid and the tincture, contain high amounts of CBD, there are certain other comprising elements which make the whole difference.

When choosing to go for the vaping experience, as an alternative to administering CBD to your body’s system, you definitely need to go through the ingredients’ list. It is not only a matter of observing the differences between a vaping liquid and a tincture, but it is also something which has to do with going for the best product for your body’s needs.

In the majority of cases, a CBD vaping liquid will bring forward more than just your non-psychoactive amount of substance. You will also get glycerin if you are lucky the vegetable type, propylene glycol, and some natural flavors, as they say. So these could sound safe and sound for you to ingest them, right? I mean with a little research you can see for yourself that nothing toxic is going on in here. Therefore, why not give it a taste?

Well, even though in theory you could very easily give your liver some of this CBD vaping liquid, specialists highly recommend not to. The issue stands in the fact that one of the ingredients is considered to have some quite negative interactions with your guts and that is the propylene glycol. It seems that this substance, even though it is highly praised as having nothing to do with any toxicity, some recent studies have revealed exactly the opposite.

Even though there is still need for further work towards this respect, as some might consider it to be just a scam put together by “the opposition” of such vaping liquids brands, you could still take it into account as a warning. If it is made for vaping your CBD, why ingest it? Just let it do what it is supposed to do, right?


Oily tinctures do not go with your vaping pen


In comparison with the CBD vaping liquid, any tincture can be recognized by its somehow different consistency. It is not the same as an oil’s one, but considering the fact that it is made from a CBD oil, you get the picture. Some people seemed very confused through their online feedbacks, as they just could not wrap their minds around the fact that tinctures are not suitable for vaping.


Even though the consistency seems the same as the one of a CBD vaping liquid, well it actually isn’t. The thing is that such a substance, the CBD tincture that is, once exposed to high temperatures will not only change its chemical structure, but it will also not completely heat, in terms of releasing enough vapors for you to inhale.

So it is kind of like wasting precious CBD substance just for the sake of proving that tinctures can also be vaped. A CBD tincture is thought to be provided for the body through ingestion, that means you have to either swallow it or add it to some of your foods. By attempting to vape your tincture will definitely damage your pen and so more money to throw on the window.


Carefully choose your information



Never let yourself manipulated by the numerous online “voices” who claim to possess the truth. Just do a search on Google and you will find all sorts of stories coming from potential real individuals who have achieved “great” results after ingesting CBD vaping liquid. One simply cannot go for such gibberish, as scientific studies are starting to back up more and more the fact that that propylene glycol added to the e-liquids can seriously damage your body’s tissues. Some even stated that it can also cause some negative effects on your lungs through vaping it, but these seem to be only some rumors, for the moment.

Cannabidiol, this remarkable marijuana compound, is indeed a great alternative when traditional health recovery therapies seem to not work. However, whether you choose to ingest it or vape it, you do need to have a clear image of every single impact this substance can have on your body. That is why it would be extremely wise of you to let the vaping liquid to its thing and the CBD tincture, as well.

Maybe you want to experiment a little, maybe you do not have your tincture, but you have your vaping liquid, try not to mingle them. Each is thought to be good towards helping you to achieve a certain CBD amount, through a certain method. So just let them be!

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