Should you turn to CBD for your sleeping issues?


Everybody feels sleepy or, on the contrary, too energetic to fall asleep when the night has come. So you get into bed after you took a well-deserved bath. Your sheets are clean and the fresh smell of lavender coming from your laundry balm are the perfect conditions to help you get that so-needed sleep, after a hard working day. You fully stretch your body and you close your eyes, but what do you know? This is the moment your brain feels like it just woke up. You start to think about all the stuff you did during the day, during the last week, the last month and so on and so forth.

What is this? , you are asking yourself. Why is it that you simply cannot fall asleep? You have created the perfect environment for this to happen, so why are you still not sleeping? Well, the causes are various, starting from certain health issues you might be dealing with and which you have no idea about. Or you are simply passing through a stressful period in your life, which most likely leaves deep marks on the way your functioning system activates.

Ever thought about giving cannabis a try? More specifically, giving CBD a try? This chemical substance existing in some cannabis plant strains is firmly believed to have remarkable effects on supporting your body to better manage sleeping hours. I feel the need to set the record straight: CBD is the nonpsychoactive compound of the marijuana plant and so you do not have to worry about getting any of the high effects other strains might give you. THC, another important compound of this plant, is the one responsible for making you feel like you have been basically sedated.


How the two interact?


Many times, curious beginners in this whole cannabis consumption thing, have required more detail on the fact regarding how these two somehow opposite compounds interact. Considering the fact that one is non-psychoactive and the other is fully psychoactive, so to say, one can easily get the idea, right? Well, nothing to judge about that, but we need to also consider the amounts, which can significantly change the effects your body might feel.

In fact, science has revealed that CBD might have a thing or two to say about the effects that THC brings along. This means that the feeling you get after administering THC to your body can be very well controlled by certain CBD rates.

One study worth mentioning in this respect is the one focusing on how various amounts of these two marijuana compounds affected 8 young individuals. Researchers concentrated their whole work on observing how the human body reacts when it is administered various rates of combination between THC and CBD. The results they came to reveal how both cannabis compounds, in the highest dosages of 15 mg each, provided higher energy levels.

This immediately determined researchers to think about how the known sedative effect of THC can be decreased when CBD is added to the equation. Moreover, the study also suggested that low rates of CBD added to certain higher THC amounts made the patients go through the first phase of deep sleep. Anyone can easily figure out that by changing the CBD dosages in combination with THC, can lead to different effects on the human body.



Give up insomnia with high CBD amounts


Insomnia is quite an unpleasant experience to deal with, considering the fact that it is strongly affecting the way we rest our functioning systems. It is extremely important to have a healthy sleep during the night, as this is the time where your whole body kind of gives itself a sort of restart so that the next day it can work at its fullest potential.

The effects that CBD can have on insomniacs have been analyzed far long ago and we are talking about the year 1981, as the first moment when researchers focused on observing how this marijuana compound can influence insomnia.

The study was carried out with human patients and this should strongly deepen the veracity of the results researchers within this study came to. The individuals taking part in this experiment were administered various dosages of this nonpsychoactive cannabis compound and the results were in favor of CBD, as you might have already guessed.

In fact, it seems that the highest CBD dosage, of 160 mg was the one to accurately reveal how this chemical substance works on insomnia. Patients receiving this CBD amount stated that they were able to get a good night’s sleep, without any breaks or without waking up during the night.


Different effects with CBD


When you decide to give CBD a try for helping you solve your sleeping issues, you need to fully established what you really want this chemical substance to do for you. This is important because CBD, on its own, like being solely extracted from the cannabis plant, in certain amounts, can differently influence your sleeping times, in comparison with what a cannabis strain with high CBD rates can do for you.

Apart from consisting of high CBD amounts, such a cannabis plant also produces other substances, known as terpenes, the flavoring molecules. This is how your cannabis plant produces its specific smell and taste. Over the years, researchers have found out that certain such terpenes can have quite the relaxing effect on muscle tissues. So you can now understand how a cannabis plant, specific for its high CBD rate, can basically sedate you. Not to mention that if the plant also contains some worth mentioning THC amounts, you can figure out for yourself how you might feel after consuming it.

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